Introducing Maurice my New Therapy Dog!

Our new journey started when my Jack, (Carian terrier), 15 wonderful years of unconditional love, passed away the Monday before Christmas last year.  I was devastated. I also realized I’m the type a person that needs a pet and felt empty without one. I have always had a dog since I could remember.   My husband’s dog Rocco is truly my husband’s dog, so no bonding there.  So after searching for the right dog with the right temperament I located Maurice in Missouri and picked him up at LAX February 26th.  It was love at first sight!


Grand Bassett Griffon Vendeen

So what is a therapy dog?  According to the AKC website:

“Therapy dogs are dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work together as a team to improve the lives of other people. Therapy dogs are not service dogs. Service dogs are dogs who are specially trained to perform specific tasks to help a person who has a disability.”

Let the journey begin as Maurice and I go out on our daily travels hoping to bring smiles to all we meet!


Article written by Debbie Herrera, NP

Debbie Herrera is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and COO of La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group. After she received her degree from UCLA, she specialized in psychiatry with Dr. Jerry R. Bruns.  Her focus is with Alzheimer’s patients and developmentally delayed patients regarding behavioral management issues. Debbie is dedicated to our community.  She is a member of the Ventura County Alzheimer’s Medical Advisory Board, member of Rotary Club, and actively educates professionals in behavioral medicine.


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