Reiki 1 Class Opportunity

Do not miss this great opportunity for healing. Register now for September's Reiki I class and gift yourself a weekend of receiving Reiki while learning Reiki.

Reiki illuminates your path, revealing more of who you are, & the answers that are already within you. Reiki I is EASY to learn & simple, effective & safe (enhance & compliments medical treatment). Reiki is a wonderful for your own self-healing & to offer the support for others (including your pets)

Reiki Masters/Teachers John Crundall & Ellen Rose, from our sister center in Melbourne, Australia, holds the Reiki teachings Sacred & teaches from a place of Love & clarity based on their life's journey & experience from around the world. John & Ellen teach in Santa Barbara spring and fall.

If you are inspired to take Reiki, know of someone else who would benefit from this transformational experience or are interested in more information go to Reiki I class taught the weekend September 2-4 (Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday noon to 5:30pm).

Usui Reiki Center
P.O. Box 41606, Santa Barbara, CA93140-1606
Phone/Fax: (877) 814-6895

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The Usui Reiki Center is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization,funded 100% by annual dues and donations from our members and supporters.

We are committed to honoring the original teachings of Reiki (see our Lineage on our website) and upholding its integrity.

It is our intent to do this by providing Reiki and comprehensive courses to enhance healing universally

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