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Please be advised that we are asking anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms to not enter our office. Instead please call the front desk at (805) 388-8330 and we can reschedule your appointment for when you are symptom-free. We offer a telehealth visit with you and your clinician call to schedule an appointment today.

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La Mer Integrative Medicine: we serve, empower and partner with our patients and community to the path of wellness, transformation, and wholeness. We are a collaboration of unique practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standards of Western and Eastern medicine, nurturing and healing the whole person.



La Mer Holistic Medicine delivers whole body care to the residents of Oxnard, California, and the surrounding Ventura County communities. 

La Mer Holistic Medicine provides a peaceful place for care that values trust and well-being, combining functional and holistic medicine that will provide a prevtative and restorative lifelong healthy solution for body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic medicine focuses on restoring balance by treating the mind, body, and spirit rather than simply masking the symptoms of disease. At La Mer Holistic Medicine, providers work together to design the best treatment for every patient. 

The health care teams tailor treatments to the individual. That’s why they use both Eastern and Western medicine therapies to help everyone reach their health goals.

From acupuncture and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to home visits and medication management, the providers at La Mer Holistic Medicine work directly with individuals to meet their needs. 

They even have an array of nutritional supplements that have been tested by a lab for purity available online to help relieve the symptoms of thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies, anxiety and depression, and more.

For comprehensive care in a friendly, comfortable environment, call La Mer Holistic Medicine or schedule an appointment online today.




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