Holistic and Integrative Medicine


La Mer Holistic Medicine invites you to explore a unique approach to healthcare, providing comprehensive and integrative services.

Our dedicated team specializes in Holistic and Integrative Medicine, focusing on treating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — to achieve optimal health. Whether you’re dealing with chronic disease, pain, or infection, our clinicians prioritize long-term relief by addressing the underlying condition.

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What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine goes beyond treating symptoms; it aims to restore balance in the body for sustained health. At La Mer Holistic Medicine, we believe in the interconnectedness of the body’s elements. When one aspect is out of alignment, it can adversely affect overall health. Our holistic approach considers your entire lifestyle, nutritional status, stress levels, exercise choices, and more, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your well-being.

Distinguishing Holistic Medicine from Conventional Medicine
Holistic medicine follows principles that set it apart from conventional approaches:


Treatment Eliminates Causes: We focus on eliminating the root cause of the disease, not just alleviating symptoms.


Natural Healing Abilities: Recognizing the body’s innate healing capacities.


Whole Body Care: Encouraging open communication between clinicians and patients, viewing each patient as a whole person.

Common Holistic Medicine Treatments:

La Mer Holistic Medicine offers a range of holistic therapies to enhance your overall health and well-being:

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Nutrition Counseling

Our team assesses nutritional deficiencies through blood work, creating personalized nutrition plans to support your health goals.

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We provide a variety of supplements via our Fullscript dispensary.

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We offer

Traditional Western and Eastern medications.

Experience the benefits at La Mer Holistic Medicine. Call us to schedule an appointment to embark on a journey toward optimal health, transformation, and wholeness. Serving Ventura County our compassionate and collaborative approach sets us apart in the realm of integrative healthcare.