The Aging Experience


La Mer Holistic Medicine recognizes that the aging experience is unique for every individual, emphasizing highly customized care to help seniors function at their peak.

Serving Camarillo, CA, and surrounding areas in Ventura County, our team of skilled rejuvenation medicine providers employs the latest research and technology to empower seniors to turn back the clock within their bodies, forging into their senior years feeling their best.

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The Aging Experience Q&A:

Does the aging experience cause a quick decline?
As the body ages, physical, emotional, and mental changes naturally occur, but La Mer Holistic Medicine understands that the inherent physical changes are likely much milder than commonly perceived. Cognitive changes once thought to be solely caused by cellular death, are now understood to be more nuanced. Rejuvenation medicine not only helps maintain cognitive function but can also greatly improve it. Emotional changes in seniors often involve improved emotional management, a focus area enhanced by mind-body connection approaches in rejuvenation medicine.
How can rejuvenation medicine help with the aging experience?
Contrary to the misconception that negative changes are inevitable with aging, rejuvenation medicine at La Mer Holistic Medicine focuses on preserving physical, emotional, and mental health for a fulfilling senior life. Our rejuvenation medicine tools include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, cognitive function maintenance protocols, mind-body medicine, and more, working to restore the body and mind to a more youthful version.
When should I start improving the aging experience?
Aging is a personal journey, and if you’re experiencing negative changes such as memory lapses or frequent physical illness, it’s never too early to start feeling your best. The La Mer Holistic Medicine team encourages individuals to proactively address aging concerns through rejuvenation medicine. Schedule your appointment now by calling our Camarillo office.

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