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Acupuncture Works Like Magic, But is Based in Science When it comes to our health, the internet can be a sea of information. But how do we know when we have found treasure?
Jan 3rd, 2019

Mind Body Medicine

Jerry Bruns, MD with the renowned Herbert Benson, MD at the Mind Body Medicine Conference at Harvard this past week. Herbert Benson, MD,  has been a pioneer in Mind Body Medicine, and one of the first Western physicians to bring spirituality and healing in
Nov 1st, 2018

Bredesen and Bruns Fighting Alzheimer's!

Dr. Bruns got to meet with Dr. Dale Bredesen who wrote “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.” Lucky to engage with a leading researcher, Dr. Bredesen...
Oct 11th, 2018

How To Save $ On Your Prescriptions

Did you know that not all pharmacies charge the same amount for prescription drugs?  Well they don’t. The difference between two pharmacies can be great, as much as a five times difference, or even more.
Sep 12th, 2018

Meditation and Pain

The NIH has put out in their Mind and Body Information page a video that looks at Meditation and Pain. Share with someone you know that might benefit. Mindfulness meditation can help a person with pain focus on the pain sensation...
Aug 10th, 2018

Debbie Herrera, NP Honored as Paul Harris Fellow!

Our Nurse Practitioner, Debbie Herrera, was recognized by The Rotary Foundation of Camarillo as a Paul Harris Fellow yesterday at a ceremony in Camarillo! Congratulations Debbie on your outstanding commitment to the Rotary Club and the community!
Aug 9th, 2018

Love Your Brain!

Yesterday was the Annual Alzheimer’s Association Professional Education Conference: Dementia: Current Trends, Future Directions. If you missed it, please save the date for next year, the knowledge presented from the leaders in the country working ...
Jun 15th, 2018

What's your point of view?

QUEST …..The difference between a challenge and an adventure is in our attitude and perspective about it.
Jun 1st, 2018

Dry Skin 101 with Michael Huff, MD!

Dry Skin 101 with Michael Huff, MD When one realizes that we live in a semi-arid desert it is easy to understand why dry skin is one of the commonest things seen in a primary care doctor’s office.
Apr 20th, 2018

2018 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures

The 2018 Facts and Figures about Alzheimer's Disease are out. Thankfully The National Institute of Health received a significant increase in funding to support research into Alzheimer's Disease. Is this enough?
Mar 30th, 2018

Music and Movement

Music and movement Changes the brain. Amazing dopamine Feels good improves pain, anxiety and…..
Mar 7th, 2018

Thought for your Friday

“Empathy and Compassion Give life meaning and purpose. Our healing connection to life Our personal self. People in our lives. Our avocations, jobs.” - Anonymous
Feb 23rd, 2018

Health Benefits of Soluble Fibers

Soluble fibers are fibers that dissolve in water and form gels and become syrupy. Some examples of soluble fibers are oats, barley, legumes, okra and citrus fruits. The enzymes that the human body produces cannot digest soluble fibers ...
Feb 22nd, 2018

Resources for Ventura County Fire Victims

So many people have been uprooted and displace by the fire in our community, here are some resources that you, your family and friends may need. Check for information regarding the fire situation and current evacuation maps...
Dec 7th, 2017

Treatment of "Dry Mouth" Caused by Radiation Therapy

In this day of innovative medical management, successful treatment of cancer patients has saved lives. However, with some cases there can be serious side effects.  For example, in treating head and neck cancer patients with radiation and chemotherapy, ...
Oct 20th, 2017

This will make you think...

Our Treatment Team quote today: “We are never angry because of what others say or do. It is our thinking that makes us angry.” 
Oct 6th, 2017

Thank You!!!

Thank you everyone that donated or came out and participated with the La Mer Wellness Walkers in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!
Oct 6th, 2017

Two Days Left! Join the Fun!

Join the La Mer Wellness Walkers this Saturday the 30th for some fun and to support the Alzheimer’s Association! If you cannot make it out, please click the link and donate to the La Mer WellnessWalker Team! Every little bit helps!!
Sep 28th, 2017

One More Week! Join Us!

La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group is on the frontlines when it comes to the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease. We see how it can cause heartache and frustration in family members and caregivers.
Sep 22nd, 2017

We’re Progressing towards our Goal!

On behalf of the La Mer Wellness Walkers, I would like to thank everyone that donated to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this week! Thank you to the owner of VC Metals, Mark Herrera! Take a look at his premier metal service center here...
Sep 15th, 2017

Join the La Mer Wellness Walkers! (09.12.2017)

Hey Everyone! We received another generous donation to the La Mer Wellness Walkers Team page in support of the Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's. We are closer to our goal of raising $1,000!!! Thank you Sean Winget for joining our team!
Sep 11th, 2017

The Essential Oils Handbook, A Book Review

Whether you are a novice, just beginning to learn the benefits of aromatic oils, or you are an experienced aromatherapist, this is a great guide book about essential oils. The book is attractive with beautiful photographs of the plants that yield the oil.
Aug 9th, 2017

Join the La Mer Wellness Walkers!

I am excited to announce that we have created a team to participate in the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®, I am leading the way to Alzheimer's first survivor — but I can't take on this disease alone.
Jul 25th, 2017

Mindful Technique for Daily Stress Relief!

Our La Mer team is learning and discovering a variety of psychological techniques to improve our physical and mental well-being. One of these techniques is in a book we are reading called, The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, MD.
Jun 23rd, 2017

Launch of Dementia Friendly Ventura County!

Alzheimer's Disease accounts for 60-80 percent of dementia cases and currently impacts an estimated 610,000 Californians, a number projected to grow to 840,000 by 2025.
Jun 16th, 2017

Medical acupuncture, what is it?

Acupuncture is a very old practice that originated in China and it has a lot to do with manipulating patient’s energy channels for healing. As a western trained physician, I do acupuncture primarily for chronic conditions regarding pain, fatigue ...
Jun 6th, 2017

Happy Birthday Krishnamurti!

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” Jiddu Krishnamurti
May 12th, 2017

Seasons in the Sun

I am sure everyone is aware of the dangers of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.  I trust the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) reviews on the chemicals that are in make-up and skin products that we use daily.
May 12th, 2017

Exciting Fundraising Today!

Looking for an interesting lunch or dinner idea while supporting the Alzheimer's Association California Central Chapter?  We've got you covered!  Join us today, April 27 at Lazy Dog in Oxnard (598 Town Center Drive, 93036) for a fundraiser ...
Apr 27th, 2017

Healthified Shamrock Shake!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! If you don’t find a four-leaf clover today, it's still your lucky day! I have a wonderful recipe for a healthified “Shamrock” Shake! Enjoy!
Mar 17th, 2017

Introducing Maurice my New Therapy Dog!

Our new journey started when my Jack, (Carian terrier), 15 wonderful years of unconditional love, passed away the Monday before Christmas last year.  I was devastated.
Mar 9th, 2017

Born Today....

"Who'll come a waltzing Matilda, with me?" - Banjo Paterson
Feb 17th, 2017

Magnesium for Preventive care

The general public takes lot of supplements to maintain good health. One of the supplements that has been ignored is magnesium. It is the fourth most abundant element in the body and is involved in cardiovascular health, prevention of stroke, ...
Feb 16th, 2017

Wise Words!

"February is the month of love. So be nice." - DeAnna Granados
Feb 10th, 2017

The Book of Joy , A Book Review

This is a new book and a very interesting read. The authors are well known, world-wide spiritual leaders; the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.
Feb 7th, 2017

Outstanding Oatmeal!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day! I am lending you my own recipe that I enjoy eating most mornings. It is a low-calorie meal with a high protein punch that gets you moving and keeps you from getting hungry.
Jan 20th, 2017

New Year's Resolutions...

It is hard to believe another year is beginning soon! Are you planning any new resolutions this year?
Dec 30th, 2016

Joyful Release of Liability

A joyful update: Waivers signed and taken to heart! A wonderful time was had by all at La Mer's holiday party! There was definitely humming heard and giggling felt at Red Brick Art! Our instructor Jen did not disappoint.
Dec 19th, 2016

Kindness. All Year Long.

Dr. Bruns is a native of Southern California. He attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and finished his psychiatric residency and clinical fellowship at USC.
Dec 2nd, 2016

Sniff Your Stuffy Nose Away!

Today, I have a cold.  Well, 'tis the season.  Stuffy nose!  Our office has been using a variety of essential oils to treat "well-being" and to treat common ailments too. I have Gold-Medal Winner!  Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils to relieve a stuffy nose.
Nov 1st, 2016

Today in History...

Jonas Salk was born today in 1914. He discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines.
Oct 28th, 2016

Fourth Annual Empowering the Caregiver Resource Fair!

We know with 14,000 Ventura County residents living with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, many more need information and support. The Alzheimer’s Association has their Fourth Annual Empowering the Caregiver Resource Fair coming up on Saturday ...
Oct 24th, 2016

Ruminations for your Friday

“Why should I seek? I am the same as He. His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for Myself”.  Rumi
Sep 30th, 2016

Happy Birthday Julio & Dr. Singh!

Is it any wonder two suave and sophisticated people have their birthdays on the same day? Happy Birthday to our wonderful Medical Acupuncturist Dr. Indarjit Singh!
Sep 23rd, 2016

Upcoming Event! Biking, Brews & BBQ

Sept 24th 2016 Join us at our 3nd annual cycling event! This year's theme is "Biking, Brews & BBQ" Featuring Local Micro Brews and BBQ with Rest Stops and full SAG support! Registration is open now!
Aug 23rd, 2016

Reiki 1 Class Opportunity

Do not miss this great opportunity for healing. Register now for September's Reiki I class and gift yourself a weekend of receiving Reiki while learning Reiki.
Aug 15th, 2016

Giving the Gift of Calm

An amazing gift for instant stress relief! As reviewed in this previous blog by our Nurse Practitioner, Debbie Herrera, we’ve learned benefits of aromatherapy.
Aug 4th, 2016

Dementia Care Network Meeting

Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Network Meeting Thursday, August 11, 2016 Join us for a fun and educational event for senior service providers complete with continental breakfast.
Aug 3rd, 2016

BREATHE... A Healing Power

In La Mer’s Treatment Team meetings we have read many research articles about the healing benefit of breathing techniques and meditation. The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation has given us these easy to follow directions ...
Jul 28th, 2016

Dehydrating for Health!

In the past few years I have been trying to make better decisions about my lifestyle and nutrition. In this, I found out that I have some food allergies! I am allergic to a plethora of nuts, seeds and their oils.
Jun 24th, 2016

Vitamin D Power!

Last week my physician reviewed lab results with me.  He said I was deficient in Vitamin D.  The good news is that this can be easily resolved with a supplement, good nutrition, and sunshine!
Jun 17th, 2016

Fun Snack Presentation Encourage My Kids to Eat Healthy!

Recently my kids and I were at the grocery store and they kept pestering me for chips and candy. I redirected them to the produce section and gave them the freedom to choose whatever fruit they wanted. To my amazement all four boys chose the Apple!
Jun 6th, 2016

Dementia: Current Trends & Future Directions

LAST CHANCE! In honor of Alzheimer's Brain Awareness Month (June), we have extended our Regular Registration rate of $105 for the Dementia:  Current Trends & Future Directions conference, June 9 at the Marriott - Ventura Beach.  
Jun 2nd, 2016

Amazing Benefits of Jazzercise!

There are many wonderful advantages of Jazzercise we would require two blogs to make my point. This dance based workout is an hour long class that blends jazz dance (and jazz hands, ha ha), core work, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing ...
Apr 29th, 2016

Eat Healthy!

As I get ready for Spring and Summer, here are two of my favorite recipes. One of the most importatnt influences on health is good nutrition. Eating food that is healthful, nourishes the body, calms the mind and certainly delights the senses. Enjoy!
Apr 22nd, 2016

Blue Lights and Melatonin

You may not realize that the human body is regulated by hormones, one of them is Melatonin. What is melatonin: it is a hormone made by the pineal gland (a small gland in the brain) and helps control our sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythm).
Apr 7th, 2016

Healthy Aging and Longevity

About 18% of American population suffers from anxiety and depression that leads to sleep difficulties, fatigue, mood changes, G.I. difficulties. Patients can be treated with antidepressants and antianxiety medications.
Mar 2nd, 2016

Grab your sneakers ................ and go!

Walk, it’s healthy living. No dress code, no special equipment, simply a pair of comfortable tennis shoes and begin walking. A few years ago, I decided I needed some sort of physical activity in my life; so I began to walk around in my neighborhood.
Feb 23rd, 2016

A Book Review: "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less"

We live in a world that constantly demands our attention, in one way or another. Think about it - how many times do you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you do is check your cell phone, only to be inundated with a dozen or more e-mails ...
Feb 18th, 2016