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The aging experience is different for every individual, and that’s why La Mer Holistic Medicine believes in highly customized care to help every senior function at their peak. The team of skilled rejuvenation medicine providers uses the latest research and technology to help you turn back the clock within your body while forging into your senior years feeling your best. Call the office or click the online appointment maker to learn more now.

The Aging Experience Q&A

Does the aging experience cause quick decline?

As the body ages, there’s no doubt that physical, emotional, and mental changes occur, but the inherent physical changes are likely much milder than you realize. 

Cognitive changes

For a long time, researchers believed that cellular death causes cognitive impairment over time. But, recent studies demonstrate that it’s not as cut-and-dried as it seems. 

Cellular death may cause cognitive decline only in certain specific areas, such as rapid information processing. But, cognitive decline is usually extremely gradual (and often doesn’t exist) with vocabulary and decision-making. 

Rejuvenation medicine can not only help you maintain the cognitive function you have, but also greatly improve it.

Emotional changes

Older adults are better than younger ones in one notable area: managing their emotions. Generally, you manage your emotions better than ever before as you enter your senior years. 

And, rejuvenation medicine focused on the mind-body connection can improve your emotional wellness even more. 

Physical changes

It’s true that physical changes like bone density loss and reduced skin elasticity occur as you age. But, these changes are often tied to hormone depletion, which is something you can avoid with rejuvenation medicine care at La Mer Holistic Medicine. 

La Mer Holistic Medicine offers the rejuvenation medicine tools you need to preserve your physical, mental, and emotional wellness so you can live your best life as a senior. 

How can rejuvenation medicine help with the aging experience?

Many men and women assume that negative changes are just a part of aging — but that doesn’t need to be the case any longer, thanks to rejuvenation medicine. 

Rejuvenation medicine at La Mer Holistic Medicine focuses on preserving your physical, emotional, and mental health now and for the rest of your life.

Rejuvenation medicine essentially works by restoring your body and mind to its more youthful version. This may include a variety of treatments and approaches, such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy,  protocols to maintain cognitive function, mind-body medicine, and more. 

When should I start improving the aging experience?

Aging is different for everyone, but if you’re experiencing negative changes like memory lapses and frequent physical illness, talk to the La Mer Holistic Medicine team about how rejuvenation medicine can help you. It’s never too early to start feeling your best!

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